The anti-crisis garden seen by Bénédicte Boudassou

The anti-crisis garden seen by Bénédicte Boudassou

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On the occasion of the release of his book "Anti-crisis garden" at Larousse, Bénédicte Boudassou talks about our relationship with the garden and gives us his advice for a smart garden.

Tell us about your background.

I first have a training in biogeography, a discipline which consists in the study of landscapes and the different factors which intervene in their composition. I then trained as a landscape gardener to learn everything about landscaping. This led me to be in charge of a landscape study firm for 5 years before devoting myself to specialized journalism and the writing of books always on the theme of the garden.

Photo credit: Larousse

Do you think that the craze for the garden and the crisis are linked?

No, the garden has always been one of the favorite sectors of the French, even if we do not have a "garden culture" as advanced as the English or the Belgians. On the other hand, the transmission of the practice of gardening has been neglected by the generation of 45-65 year olds. The young generation no longer has the required knowledge which pushes them towards a rediscovery of the garden and the practice of gardening. A real necessity to face the stress of urban life and recharge your batteries but also to reconnect with the rhythm of the seasons, relearn patience and become aware of the importance of preserving the environment. The factor of the crisis comes only very last because before being fed by his vegetable garden, it is thus necessary to learn to cultivate!

Photo credit: Chlorosphère 2013

Is the garden a good solution for saving money?

It all depends on what you are looking for! It is a fact that an attractive and welcoming garden allows you to live better, to recharge your batteries, and for many people today, with the crisis phenomenon, to spend part of the holidays at home, therefore to spend less elsewhere .

Photo credit: Gardens, garden

I think that in the longer term, the garden will indeed be a good solution to save money, provided you know how to cultivate, take care of the plants and return to a more serene rhythm of life. The garden is a living environment that cannot be compared to a discount distributor, you have to take the time and have the desire to take an interest in it to reap all the expected benefits.

Photo credit: Leroy Merlin

Which plants to choose to save money?

Those which are best adapted to the growing conditions that we can offer them, therefore adapted to the soil, the exposure and the climate of the garden where they are planted. Choosing the right plant to install it in the right place is the best way to see it grow properly and save money since it will not need treatments or fertilizers to stay beautiful (or productive). A plant well adapted to its environment is generally not sick and grows very well on its own. Find all of Bénédicte Boudassou's tips in his book "Anti-crisis garden" at Larousse at a price of 9.90 euros.