Recipe: the Indian menu tested with the Philips multicooker

Recipe: the Indian menu tested with the Philips multicooker

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Here I am a weekend in the company of the Philips multicooker, the one who promises 12 different types of cooking, from steam cooking to yogurt and ratatouille. Having no desire for steam, yogurt or ratatouille, I launched an Indian challenge that I called the "Bollywood Adventure".


- 600 g leg of lamb cut into 3 cm cubes - 1 tsp ground cardamom - 1 tsp ground cumin - 1 tsp chopped cilantro - 2 tbsp. vegetable oil - 10 g butter - 2 finely chopped onions - 2 crushed garlic cloves - 1 4 cm piece of fresh ginger - 1 tsp paprika - ½ tsp chili puree - 125 ml beef broth - 400 g canned peeled tomatoes - 2 bay leaves - 1 cinnamon stick


- The Philips multicooker (logical) - A salad bowl - A chef's knife - A wooden board My "Bollywood Adventure" is a spicy and colorful trip to India. I let the Philips multi-cooker manage the rogan josh (spicy dish of lamb with tomato) while I concentrated on the preparation of cheese naans, basmati rice and raita (cucumber sauce, yogurt, ground cumin and mint).


1 - We start by mixing the meat with the spices. Choose a deep dish in which you will put the meat as well as the ground cardamom (I have minced a seed), ground cumin and chopped coriander. Mix the whole well and leave aside, while the meat soaks up the spices.
2 - During this time, we finely chop the onions, grate the ginger and crush the peeled cloves of garlic. At this point, the Philips multicooker comes into play. Select the "Fry" program and pour the vegetable oil and butter into the bowl. When the butter has melted and the oil seems hot enough, add the meat and reserve it as soon as it is browned on all sides.
3 - Instead, sauté our onions, ginger and garlic with the paprika and the red pepper puree. We do not hesitate to touch simply for the pleasure of embalming the whole house and hearing the bellies around gurgling.
4 - When the onions seem to have well imbued with these exotic flavors, we put the meat back in and add the beef broth, tomatoes, bay leaf and cinnamon. We close the appliance, we select the "Simmer" program for 1h30. We can forget it!
5 - As the main dish is finished, we take the opportunity to shape and cook the cheese naans, to quietly make the raïta or start cooking the rice. At the same time, you can also do nothing at all, take the opportunity to walk around or just take care of yourself. With the automatic warming for 24 hours and the delayed start, you start your recipe and you sit at the table when you want, more cooking management that makes you nervous. The aperitif can continue, there is no longer any risk.

My opinion

A device that will fill those who want to de-stress thanks to the automatic warming and delayed start, a good compromise also when there is no room for an oven (for example in a holiday home) but when likes to prepare good meals. For the more experienced, they have the freedom to select the temperature and the cooking time. On the negative side, we admit that it will never have the same flavor as an old cast iron casserole dish that simmers by the fire for hours and some criticize it for sauce dishes that remain too liquid.
Slightly reinterpreted recipe from the book "The great Marabout book of world cuisine". Our practical kitchen decoration videos


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