Tissage de Luz, a family story

Tissage de Luz, a family story

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Tissage de Luz creations find their inspiration in nature, the colors of the ocean and the morning spray. They are accomplices of delicious moments of relaxation in all simplicity. Located in the heart of the Basque Country, the Tissage de Luz brand offers fabrics of impeccable quality, the fruit of ancestral know-how, while respecting traditional French design.

Birth of a brand

The origins of Tissage de Luz can be found in the Basque Country. These fabrics are the fruit of Jean-Baptiste Gouze's passion for quality fabrics. It was in the Lower Pyrenees, in Gestas, that in 1908 this weaver's son created his first mechanical weaving machine on which he made the family trousseau. These colorful and beautifully striped fabrics very quickly become the symbol of Basque linen, quickly seducing canvas merchants. A few years later, it is in the department stores of the capital that the general public can - for the first time - buy this Basque linen whose reputation is well established. Passionate about his trade, this visionary craftsman transmits his love of linen to his son Félix who will undergo training at the Roubaix Weaving School.

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Between tradition and modernity

Much later, it was the turn of Jean-Baptiste's granddaughter, Maïté Gouze Fanfare, to perpetuate the tradition of Basque linen, not without bringing its own quintessence to it. She adds a touch of modernity and manages to brave the crisis of the seventies. She first opened the Olaya boutique in Saint-Jean de Luz - at 83 rue Gambetta - then, in the 1980s, gave new life to this high-quality weaving by developing mail-order sales. It was in 2002 that the business became Tissage de Luz. The label continues to seduce lovers of fine linen and, today, Jérôme Fanfare - great-grandson of Jean-Baptiste Gouze and son of Maïté - continues to write the extraordinary story of this Basque family at l creative soul.
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Weaving of Luz for interior and exterior decoration

The range of fabrics and articles Tissage de Luz is enriched throughout the collections, offering more than fifty different colors in order to integrate into all styles of decoration, whether inside the home or in the home. outside. The label offers fabric by the meter to cover armchairs, sofas, seats and chair backs, but also cushions and poufs in cotton canvas or coated canvas. Tissage de luz also offers deckchair canvas perfectly suited to furniture for the garden terrace, the pool terrace or the veranda. But the fun does not stop there, since the brand also markets office linen such as potholders, tea towels, kitchen towels and aprons, table linen such as napkins, table runners, tablecloths. It also specializes in the supply of accessories and outdoor furniture and dedicates an entire line to children.
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Creations for every occasion

We can not resist the quality of Tissage de Luz linen, nor its trendy dyed colors which bring a real touch of poetry to the decor. We love this precious linen, easy to live with, which accompanies us in all everyday actions. From the "Luxembourg" breakfast to the "Ottoman" pomegranate apron to put on when preparing the meal, without forgetting the moment of relaxation at tea time thanks to the "Cenitz" Cake Tray and its assorted towels: every moment seems to be inspire the freshness of ocean spray so particular to the Basque Country. Thanks to its splendid collections, Tissage de Luz allows everyone to bring fantasy and colorful notes, sometimes tangy, sometimes muffled, to suit their season or the mood of the moment.
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