I want a two-tone decoration

I want a two-tone decoration

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More than ever in tune with the times, two-tone decoration invades our interiors from the kitchen to the living room, including the bedroom and the bathroom. Neutral color and bright color, pastel combinations, meeting the same tones, there are several possibilities to play in your decor with two colors. We have listed the combinations that work to be in trend. Let yourself be inspired.

Black, a partner of all colors

We obviously know the long love story of black with white in decoration. Like fashion, which mixes this dark tone with all the colors, your interiors too can dare all associations. In a kitchen, for example, we recommend that you paint the walls black and put bright red furniture on them. Bistro spirit guaranteed! Note that the bedroom can also accommodate black in small touches to create a chic atmosphere. But with which colors to associate it? Our heart sways for purple if you want feminine decor, and for brown if on the contrary you want a rather masculine interior. Black and green in the bathroom, black and powder pink in a little girl's room, there are endless combinations, it's up to you to find the one that suits you.
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Neutral and bright yellow tone

Color trendy in our interiors in recent seasons, yellow has established itself as a safe bet. In addition, it has the gift of waking up neutral tones, so we do not hesitate to dare in the living room or in a room with light colors. In a living room that uses light wooden furniture, you give a boost to a tangy yellow wall and some accessories such as a vase, a carpet or a shelf. Completely in tune with gray, yellow invigorates it in a kitchen with anthracite furniture. A single brushstroke is enough to inject dynamism and good humor on a section of wall in this living room.
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In the same tones

Raspberry and blackcurrant, blue and purple, the combination of colors in the same tones also works very well. In a refined room, we therefore prefer beige and white. Walls, cushions, carpets, curtains, plaid, everything is adorned with these light tones to create a very pleasant cocooning atmosphere. In an entrance hall, you can have fun with shades of green. An intense green will bring the touch of elegance complemented by softer shades to create a botanical atmosphere.

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To separate two spaces

Practical and decorative tip: the use of two colors to separate rooms with different functions without using a partition. An entrance which overlooks the living room can for example be painted in a different color so that each room retains its original use. It is also used in a studio which must adapt to all the needs of daily life in a reduced space. We separate the kitchen from the dining area or the sleeping area with a completely opposite choice of paint such as pink and white or green and white. Be careful not to try too daring associations, at the risk of completely missing out on harmony.
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