What colors to combine with blue?

What colors to combine with blue?

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For a harmonious interior decoration in which one feels good, one of the capital points is to obtain a nice marriage of colors. Blue offers many possibilities. Whatever the desired ambiance - natural, oriental, warm or ultra design - blue, from pastel to dark, brings a touch of serenity to the different rooms of the home.

Between calm and escape

Blue is considered the symbol of tranquility. No wonder then that it is widely used in the bedroom. In a boy's room, a blue jean can be associated with anise green and white for an atmosphere full of pep's and we will choose an indigo blue enlivened with red for a campus style that inevitably appeals to teenagers. These few notes of red warm the whole thanks to stickers, cushions, a light fixture, bed linen or a carpet. For an adult bedroom, blue can be combined with a natural tone such as beige punctuated with a few taupe accents. As for the marriage of blue and white, it evokes escape, the seaside, and this most refreshing contrast is full of elegance.

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Blue and purple for an original decoration

Blue goes perfectly with purple and fuchsia. A harmony that warmly evokes oriental interiors. In this type of atmosphere, silks embroidered with golden threads, thick velvet throws and wool rugs are welcome. A note of lightness can be brought by slightly orange organza curtains. The impression of travel can be intensified by the presence of antiques, such as an Indian wooden chest decorated with sculptures, statues inlaid with colored pearls or even oriental pottery and other Moorish vases.
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Blue and brown very cozy

Very trendy, blue works wonders when it rubs against an icy brown, a chocolate or a taupe which is none other than a gray tending slightly to brown. These very successful color combinations are ideal for creating a cozy interior, whether in the living room or in a bathroom entirely dedicated to relaxation and well-being. Depending on taste, you can opt for a petroleum blue or an intense deep lapis lazuli blue. Nothing prevents warming this type of decor with a slight touch of red or green water depending on the desired effect. And to maintain a beautiful brightness, the white must be part of the ceiling and at least on two sides of the wall.
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Chic and design midnight blue

Opposite pearl gray, midnight blue is essential for an ultra chic and design atmosphere. In a bedroom, a loft or a bathroom with a well-tempered masculine character, you can combine night blue with metallic or chrome gray of a stair railing, a mezzanine railing or industrial furniture. You can add a few touches of black thanks to the lighting and decorative items. A black or anthracite waxed concrete floor will confirm the modern trend of this type of interior. You can use and abuse this very contemporary and sober spirit in a kitchen punctuated with ebony black, midnight blue and white.
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