Material focus: how to choose your drawing paper?

Material focus: how to choose your drawing paper?

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Choosing your drawing paper can become a real headache when you know nothing about it. But with a little practice and good advice, the task becomes easy. So how do you choose your drawing paper? Depending on your tastes, its use and its characteristics. Explanations ...

Paper thickness

A simple rule applies: the more time you spend on a drawing, perfecting it, erasing and pencil, the thicker your paper. This will prevent your drawing paper does not crumple or get damaged. For information, thick paper has a minimum thickness of 150g / m. Conversely, if you draw quickly, spending little time on your achievements, choose a thinner paper. But beware, only the soft pencil is suitable for the use of this paper.

The absorbency of paper

A drawing paper with a large absorption capacity suitable for the use of wet tools such as watercolor. You find this type of paper for 4 euros for 25 sheets on average. On the contrary, if you like dry drawing techniques (pencil, charcoal, etc.), prefer a non-absorbent paper much more resistant to pressed mines.

Paper texture

Do you like precision and details? Prefer a smooth paper. It will be used for example for the creation of comics or animated drawings. On the other hand, for blurred drawings, sketches, prefer a textured paper, more or less grainy. The more the grain of the drawing paper is thick, the more the definition of your features changes, forcing you to draw only the essentials. The choice is yours ... In conclusion, if certain characteristics are to be taken into account, the important thing is to please yourself. You can then use inexpensive paper at a few cents, a smooth drawing pad at 5 euros on average or a thicker block of paper at 6 euros. Test different types of drawing papers and just use the one that suits your mood at the moment.