Video: repot a cactus

Video: repot a cactus

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The cactus is a special plant that stores juice in its tissues in anticipation of long periods of drought. Despite this singularity, it also requires a maintenance common to other plants, starting with potting. Indeed, when the size of the cactus reaches a certain stage, it is essential to provide it with a new pot so that it can continue its development. As such, Christian Morel reveals some tips for a good repotting. Follow his advice, on video!

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Potting the cactus

In order to properly repot your cactus, you need a pot suited to the size of your plant, but also sand and potting soil in equal quantities. Mix these until you get a homogeneous substrate. Since the cactus has almost no roots, the sand favors the establishment of the plant in its new environment. In addition, also place some soil at the bottom of your pot before inserting the cactus. Then fill in the gaps with your mixture. Take care not to tamp the soil too much, as the air must be able to circulate inside the pot. Finally, it is advisable to add a thin layer of black sand on the surface of your soil. Not only does it allow the cactus to retain a little moisture, but it also adds an aesthetic and clean side.

Cactus watering

Once repotted, the cactus does not require a lot of care. Regarding watering, count one shot glass per month. Add a few centilitres if the plant is very large or if it is particularly hot in your home. To conclude, despite the fact that the cactus requires very little maintenance, it is important not to neglect it. Do not forget to water it monthly and above all, adapt the pot to the size of your plant. If the latter becomes too cramped, do not hesitate to repot. Now you know how to do it! Find Repotting a cactus on Produced by Minute Facile.