Fun toilet seats for fancy toilets

Fun toilet seats for fancy toilets

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The toilets are the ideal room to give free rein to all your decorative desires. Colorful walls, funny accessories, transform this small space in which we spend 3 years of our life all the same in a unique and fun place. First object to adopt to give life to your "little corner", a fun and decorative toilet seat. Take a look at our shopping list and find the one that best suits your toilet.

Childish drawings

Children's drawings are no longer displayed only on the fridge in the kitchen, but are gradually installed on the toilet seats to make funny objects. Little snowmen, suns, hopscotch or robots make the show in the toilet, pencil pencil look on white sheet. To stay in the world of drawing, know that there are also flaps that take up universes of comics like Wonder Woman or Popeye. We join!

Wacky images

To create a unique atmosphere in your toilet, you can also bet on flaps with eccentric images. Favorite for the model "Crime scene" from Abattant WC decorated with the famous yellow banner of the American police "Do not cross". In a totally different but no less funny style, let yourself be tempted by a flap decorated with animal heads or large fruits that bring a note of good humor.

Funny scriptures

Latest look to bring a touch of freshness and whimsy to the decor of your toilet, funny writing that covers the toilet seat. Our heart swings for a humorous flap "I'm at the end of the roll" or a model that takes the Monoyer scale from the ophthalmologist ...