Ice Age 4 and the decor will be frosted

Ice Age 4 and the decor will be frosted

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While the fourth and most frosted opus of "Ice Age" is sold out in dark rooms, we have only one desire: to bring some of its freshness home! On the program: seals, machines and ice cube trays, hoping that Scrat, the emblematic squirrel always looking for his acorn, does not come to disturb this idyllic gallery of summer ice creams.

Humor in our ice cube trays

No more saga of super classic ice cube trays. It's time to break the ice with funny models to invite humor into our drinks. Our best ally? The Fred & Friends brand, because with its various copies, ice cubes in the form of space invaders, dentures, guitars or shot glasses are prepared. Or how to provoke a smile like the icyest of cartoons.

A latest generation ice maker

More efficient and faster than ice cube trays installed in the freezer? The icemaker! Several brands offer their version: it will be retro at Siméo, classic at Lagrange, design at Yoo Digital Home and its latest model: the Icekyoob 200. Or how to prepare ice cubes anywhere and at an express pace in order to improvise cocktails shakes and crushed ice to quench your thirst all summer!

Ice buckets that make us melt

From a picnic getaway, or at the time of a dinner with friends, they are essential to keep our drinks cool. What ? Ice buckets of course! If our favorite is none other than the Ice Bag, a model in the shape of a small bag available in freshly acid colors, ideal to accompany a pop and relaxed atmosphere; you can also play it upscale with stainless steel models with clean lines. And now it's time to freeze your summer…