Video: make a lamp with a glass bottle

Video: make a lamp with a glass bottle

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went to meet Véronique Pulby - alias Chipie La Galette -, a Lyon designer passionate about creative leisure. Before being sold on the net or on specialized markets, his unusual objects find a place of choice in his apartment which is almost like an exhibition place. Through a few short videos, she gives you her tips for creating original decorative objects, which do not require being an expert or putting your hand in your pocket! Today, Véronique explains how to make unusual lamps by collecting your glass bottles. A way to recycle these to light up your interior in an original way!

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What you need for each lamp

- A glass bottle - A complete electric kit (wire, switch, socket and screw socket for lampshade) - A bulb with a power of 25W - A drill or a knife - Some elements to customize the interior of the bottle

What to do

Instead of throwing away a glass bottle that you no longer use, collect it and clean it well. Then position the socket in the center of the cap and mark its location with a marker. The objective is to section this part. To do this, you can use a drill to create a first hole and cut the rest with an exacto. If you don't feel comfortable with a drill, you can also do this with a good Swiss knife. Fit the socket inside the plug. Then connect your electrical wires using a screwdriver and screw your bulb. You just have to put some decorative elements inside your bottle: pearls, sand, pebbles, shells or even photos ... Finally, plug in! Find out more!


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