Glamorous toilets, it's possible!

Glamorous toilets, it's possible!

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Nowadays, the decoration of toilets is modernized and the inspirations evolve towards an original and warm aestheticism. In addition to being clean and comfortable, toilets must be beautiful and glamorous. With a few decoration tips, this piece will not lack charm or elegance!

A refined and elegant atmosphere in the toilets

In black and white, imagine a glamorous, modern and original decoration in your toilet. To do this, choose a flap and accessories in a plain and shiny black. For walls, do not hesitate to adopt a trompe l'oeil wallpaper. Padded effect in pink or black, the wallpaper surprises with its originality. On another section of the wall, apply a paint in tones of plum, black or gray to reinforce the intimate side of this room.

A boudoir spirit

Chic and girly, dare to combine pink and black in the toilet to reinforce the impression of refinement. Aesthetic, the toilets take on the appearance of a boudoir. Add aluminum photo frames attached to the wall and you will get a trendy and personalized space. For the floor, black sandstone tiles or plain black vinyl goes perfectly with a glamorous atmosphere. Finally, opt for a touch of gray with special accessories such as the chrome-plated floor-mounted brush holder or the chrome-finish paper holder. With all these decorative elements, you can thus recreate in the bathroom space, a cozy and glamorous universe.