Ideas received on dwarf fruit trees

Ideas received on dwarf fruit trees

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The creation of dwarf fruit trees is symptomatic of a well-known phenomenon which is the reduction in the area of ​​our gardens. These small trees can satisfy the desires of orchards even on the balcony and are grown "like grown-ups". A real dwarf tree must be genetically. That is to say, it must reach 20 to 30% of the development of a standard variety. And this without artificial or mechanical influence. Beware of "dwarfed" or "small" trees which, as adults, may exceed your expectations regarding their dimensions! Some small trees nevertheless reach 2 m to 2.5 m high. An essential characteristic, linked to this small size, is a very rapid fruit setting, especially in the varieties of peach or brugnons, without forgetting the cherry or pear trees more recently appeared.

How to plant and cultivate a dwarf fruit tree?

The planting and growing of dwarf fruit trees is done exactly as for their standard counterparts. Except that they can find sufficient rooting in a container, in a mixture of 2/3 of garden soil and a third of potting soil. However, plan for good drainage at the bottom of the planter, placing a two-centimeter bed of large gravel or small stones beforehand. In the open ground, species can be planted in isolation or in the form of a mini-orchard, respecting a minimum planting distance of one meter between each dwarf fruit tree. Another advantage of dwarf fruit trees, the size of annual maintenance, essential for their big brothers, becomes almost nonexistent with them. Most varieties are offered to you already trained. No need to prune, you just need to remove weak twigs or dried out twigs with a small pruner. It often happens to see greedy and rejections appear at the level of the rootstock which it is necessary to eliminate as and when they appear.