Mistakes to avoid with mixing styles

Mistakes to avoid with mixing styles

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Spring is coming and you want to change the decoration of your interior? Do you want to change your style or even mix several? Think carefully before taking the plunge, because when it comes to mixing styles, a lack of taste quickly happened. Treat yourself, dare to mix styles but with moderation and subtlety. In order to have a stylish industrial interior and industrial furniture, here are some rules to follow.

Mistake # 1: Mixing colors

The beautiful days are there and inspire you a multitude of colors. However, in decoration, even if the color brings cachet to a dull interior, it is strongly recommended not to mix more than three colors at the risk of ending up with a clownish style. Just as tone on tone is to be avoided. Indeed, if the colors chosen are in the same shades, the result could be heartbreaking because it lacks contrast, and therefore luster.

Mistake # 2: Mixing patterns

The reasons have a certain advantage, it is that they bring a contrast to a decoration which can lack character. However, mixing several patterns weighs down an interior. In order to avoid this error, it is strongly advised to choose, for example, two patterns and to scatter them sparingly in the room. For a bedroom, you can choose to match romantic style cushions with baroque style wallpaper. Or if you're feeling daring, why not try pairing striped curtains with a polka dot bedspread. Boldness can also be a winner!

Mistake # 3: Mixing materials

You hesitate between various materials: wood, metal, glass, tiles etc. Mix the materials, why not, but do not assemble more than two at the risk that your interior lacks harmony. Certain combinations of materials do wonders. This is the case, for example, with wood and tiles. This mixture brings warmth and originality to a room. Or, it is possible to marry wood with metal. While metal inspires a rather cold atmosphere with its industrial side, wood, meanwhile, will add a warm note.

Mistake # 4: Mixing themes

You love to travel, and especially love both the wild style of the Amazon jungle and the refined style of Japanese Zen. Recognize that these two styles are rather contradictory. Mixing them would therefore be a real lack of taste. For a harmonious interior, choose to decorate your living room in a Zen style and your bathroom in a more wild style. So not only do you keep the themes you like, but your interior is also enhanced. In the same spirit, avoid the "total look". The latter would add to the atmosphere of the room. So opt for neutral colors and decorative items in the chosen theme, and place them in the room to create a harmonious atmosphere.