What is electrochromic glazing?

What is electrochromic glazing?

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Answer: it is a glass with variable tint.

Electrochromic glazing is considered to be the glazing of the future. It is a new type of glazing that can be described as active and intelligent. It manages light and heat. Under the effect of a weak electric current which crosses its walls and remains invisible to the naked eye, the glazing changes color while retaining its transparency. For example, if the sun starts to shine, your electrochromic glazing becomes tinted. If it shines less, your glazing returns to its usual shade. In all cases, the vision on the outside remains identical. Thanks to electrochromic glazing, you no longer need to install blackout systems like blinds. The temperature of your room remains unchanged. So you don't have to operate the air conditioning. In a word, you save energy! Electrochromic glazing is used in particular in luxury cars, verandas, houses and museums. You too, send us your brico question