What are the features of a burglar-resistant door?

What are the features of a burglar-resistant door?

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Answer: a burglar-proof door has several technical elements making it more difficult for thieves to force it.

A burglary door is an effective protection against burglars, since 80% of them pass through the front door. The characteristics of a burglar-proof door are: a five-point closure, reinforced hinges, a cylinder against drilling, burglar-proof glazing, an aluminum threshold for Ud coefficient less than 1.8. Regarding glazing, there are burglary-resistant double glazing whose resistance to thief is estimated at 6 minutes. There are two levels for glazing: level 1 resists the throwing of objects and level 2 resists break-ins. This double glazing consists of several sheets of glass and a PVB film. You can also find triple glazing. A label is issued by the National Center for Prevention and Protection, it is the A2P label. There are three levels: BP1 implies a resistance of 5 minutes, BP2 a resistance of 10 minutes and BP3 a resistance of 15 minutes. You too, send us your question brico