What are the different types of ventilation for a Canadian well?

What are the different types of ventilation for a Canadian well?

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Answer: natural ventilation and single-flow or double-flow CMV.

A Canadian well is compatible with natural ventilation (air intake by opening windows, etc.) in the off-season, when the outside air has a more pleasant temperature than that of the Canadian well. But it is more effective to couple it with a mechanical ventilation controlled (VMC) single flow or double flow to ventilate the dwelling effectively. The single-flow CMV is based on the use of a large fan whose function is to extract stale air while the Canadian well blows fresh air into the home. This system allows savings in heating and air conditioning. The double-flow VMC allows significant heating savings. In fact, it recovers and uses 70 to 90% of the heat of the stale air to once again heat the air already heated by the Canadian well. More efficient, it is also the most expensive type of ventilation to install. You too, send us your question brico


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