What are the disadvantages of VMP?

What are the disadvantages of VMP?

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Answer: lower energy performance than a CMV.

If the mechanical point ventilation (VMP) is more flexible, while costing less than a double flow VMC, it still has some drawbacks. First of all, the energy performance of a VMP is much lower than that of a VMC, even a single flow self-regulating VMC, due to the heat loss caused by the air extractors. As a result, VMP is prohibited in new housing, you can only install it in old housing. Then, the VMP cannot renew the air in the whole housing by itself, it is necessary to add individual aerators in supplement. Finally, as the name suggests, the VMP only works intermittently, either by operating it manually, or depending on the humidity level in the room via the combination of dedicated sensors. You too, send us your brico question


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