What are the different fuels for a stove?

What are the different fuels for a stove?

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Answer: wood at the head, but also coal, oil, gas, or bioethanol depending on the types of stoves.

The heating stoves work equally well with coal, oil, gas, wood and bioethanol. Typically, there are specific stoves on the market for each of these fuels, but there are also so-called "multi-fuel" stoves, which accept several different fuels. To be sure of the correct fuel to put in the stove, be sure to read the user guide that was provided at the time of purchase. Otherwise, contact the manufacturing company. For ecological reasons as for the comfort of use, individuals opt more and more often for wood stoves, which give access to the sustainable development tax credit. Another reason, the supply of wood stoves is much more abundant now. You too, send us your brico question