Can tiling be laid on a cracked slab?

Can tiling be laid on a cracked slab?

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Answer: No, it is better to fill in the cracks with mortar or to level the slab.

You can't lay tiles on a cracked tile, no. In any case, not without your new tiles cracking in turn very quickly, because the cracks will inevitably end up extending over the flooring. If you want your new tiling to last over the long term, you must avoid this kind of operation at all costs. Especially that treating cracks in your slab is not that complicated. In case of small cracks few and very localized, you just have to fill them with mortar, that should do the trick. For more pronounced faults, however, the slab must be leveled. Self-leveling leveling should be ideal for this type of situation. Carreler will just take a little longer ... Send us your DIY question too