Zoom on the "museum" trend in decoration

Zoom on the "museum" trend in decoration

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What if cultural objects became decorative accessories in their own right? A piece of furniture in the colors of Mondrian, an art gallery effect on the walls, a sculpture: that is enough to open an educational, historical or playful parenthesis to celebrate the museum style at home. Especially since the latest edition of Maison & Objet fully approves of this trend which is slowly but surely rising.

Cultural objects are popular

In its aisles dedicated to moving, the latest edition of the Maison & Objet trade fair saw the birth of the so-called "museum" cultural object. But what is it exactly? At Merci Gustave, we are amazed in front of the Eiffel Tower or the miniature version of the Statue of Liberty, customized in all their seams. On the side of Flensted Mobiles, we only have eyes for artistic mobiles and their air of "contemporary art" while at Miller Goodman, these are ethnico-playful sculptures that put us in full view. As you can see, the museum object is not unique. All forms and styles are allowed, provided that its nature usually allows it to be exhibited in a gallery, an exhibition, a museum. For even more inspiration, head to the brands: Mova, Royal River or Palomar!

The magic formula: accumulation

Accessories with a design evocative of museum works are not the only ones to handle this new decorative trend. The way of exhibiting and staging certain classic objects as in a museum of modern art or ancient history, in turn creates astonishment. The secret of these decorations? Accumulation, or the best way to give infinite value to new, common or rare objects. Mainly concentrated on a section of wall only in order not to suffocate the room, this multiplication of objects is the magic formula to adopt the style "museum" at home. It remains to determine the staging.

Stages inspired by museums

Accumulation, okay. But of what ? As such, trend number 1 is nothing more or less than the art gallery spirit. Whether you exhibit paintings, canvases or photographs along cleats (or shelves) fixed to the wall, or hang your collection in staggered rows (or aligned) directly on the facade, you love it. The little extra? Choose a common thread to duplicate the final effect: black and white photographs, landscapes of the world, abstract canvases, naive drawings, herbarium mural, family memories ... Another typology of staging like a museum? Showcase style! Inside a glass cabinet, visible to all, we install a collection that is dear to us: retro objects, plates, glassware ... She does not fail to brilliantly personalize the interior. We can also decline the showcase style by fixing on the walls boxes or cubic shelves multiplied as needed, inside which are exhibited statuettes brought back from a trip, Mexican masks, Greek vases, ... In short, our cave of wonders!