Curtains to protect from looks

Curtains to protect from looks

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Whether you live on the ground floor or your vis-à-vis is too large, you certainly do not want anyone to be able to look at your home. To protect yourself from the eyes of strangers while keeping the necessary light, you must opt ​​for curtains that will form barriers between you and the outside. But which solution to choose? And above all, how can we keep it decorative?

The curtains

Very light and transparent, sheer curtains are generally the solution adopted to protect oneself from view. There are many solutions, you can adjust their length to the size of the window or let them go down for a dragged effect. Be aware however that the sheer curtain remains a very thin protection and that if it brings an extraordinary luminosity it will not completely prevent the outside look.

The screening curtains

If you choose to put curtains, it is necessary in this case to privilege the sieving curtains which let in the light. This way you can keep them closed, even in broad daylight. To increase the brightness, we will preferably choose them in light tones or with patterns in laser cutting so you will not be deprived of the benefits of the sun's rays.

Japanese signs

The Japanese panel is used more and more because it fits very well in contemporary interiors. It also allows you to play with volumes and colors since you can tune several different panels by spilling over the size of the windows.