Luxury reviewed and corrected by Astier de Villatte

Luxury reviewed and corrected by Astier de Villatte

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Deliciously transgressive, the tandem formed by Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte never ceases to amaze the world of decoration, as much by its choices as by its quirky and nonconformist spirit. The two creators have launched the bet to imagine a place where candles, dishes, jewelry, stationery and colognes rub shoulders: magic has quickly operated and the Parisian house is now a reference among decoration professionals as well as individuals! Like a cabinet of curiosities, all the objects imagined by Astier de Villatte form a joyful bazaar, eclectic and current. Review of details.

A mixed and pointed shambles

Their meeting took place in the early 90s. Officially in the fine arts, unofficially in a café in Saint Germain (!). Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte nevertheless both made their debut in the prestigious school on the left bank, learning drawing and offset sculpture for almost 10 years. The second universe will bring them together since they find themselves in the workshop of the sculptor Georges Jeanclos where they learn to make their first plates. A press release and a visit to Maison et Objet later, it is the consecration. Orders pour in and the company is created in stride. In 2000, they opened their shop at 173 rue Saint Honoré, a stone's throw from the Louvre, which immediately became a Parisian and then international meeting place.

"Arsenic and old lace" atmosphere

The brand's first store perfectly sums up the spirit of the two creators, who wanted to be quirky and warm! It is through the greatest of hazards that Ivan falls into a stop in front of this "Little Paris", closed for ages. At the time, the "Purple Monkey" (name that still appears on the storefront!) Was a bazaar offering jumbled paintings, small cabinetmaking and various objects. Ivan and Benoît have chosen to keep the interior "in its own juice", which gives it all the more charm. From the entrance, the visitor goes back to the 18th century: in this Ali Baba cave revisited, all the creations that make up the Astier de Villatte universe are mixed. The duo installs there, in the company of their white ceramics and their furniture, an impressive quantity of small heterogeneous, unusual and funny objects, history of "having a little fun". Their bias? Never take yourself seriously! Thus the scented candle "Mantes la Jolie" (named after the city!) Rubs shoulders with the scented creations Lhassa and Monte-Carlo. In the same line, there are ceramic plates "skull" made in an artisanal way in Paris, pretty Moleskine notebooks with prints inspired by old tiles or kitsch cups in the shape of a holy water font! This universe "Alice in Wonderland" is to be discovered without delay in the many points of sale of the brand throughout France or on its website //


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