Material focus: how to choose an overlock machine?

Material focus: how to choose an overlock machine?

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For your sewing work, you know the sewing machine, but there are also other tools that allow you to make almost professional confections. This is the case of the serger which will save you time and quality. If its cost is high at purchase, count between 450 and 1,300 euros, the benefit is quickly felt.

The advantages of an overlocker

For all your sewing projects, the serger :
  • Cut the fabric
  • Overcasting with chain stitch avoiding knots like a thin hem
  • pike
  • And assemble if necessary.

Possible points with an overlock machine

The serger you will be able to achieve, among other things:
  • 4-thread overlock on stretch and jersey
  • The narrow 3-thread overlock on fragile fabrics
  • The wide 3-thread overlock on thick fabrics
  • Flatock on stretch fabrics
  • The flat overlock for sewing of two fabrics between them

Choose the knife of your serger

For your works of sewing, you must also choose the setting of the knives of your serger depending on the work carried out. We will opt for:
  • 7 mm for seams precision
  • 15 mm to make a sewing classical
  • 30 mm to make a hem.

To make your work easier…

Choose a foot adapted to your serger and at your tailoring:
  • The pucker to darken while sewing
  • Piping for sewing from the edge of your work
  • The border for sewing a ribbon on a news item: 739845 stretch fabric
  • The pearl pose for, as its name suggests, sew pearls and sequins.
The sergers ranges As we said, you will find on the market a wide range of overlock ranging from around 450 to 1,300 euros. The quality justifies the price difference, but not only. The most expensive machines give the possibility of adding innumerable accessories facilitating all your work of sewing.