Tableware for fall decor

Tableware for fall decor

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To put your table in the fall time, the dishes play an important role. Whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner, we offer you our advice on choosing your fall tableware. As a bonus, you will find table decor ideas.

The choice of dishes

To choose your fall tableware, you have two decorative options. In the first case, you can choose dishes that evoke the colors of autumn. We can then turn to dark green, orange or brown to bring a very natural touch to the table. In the second case, you can choose an original form of tableware that will evoke the forest in its autumnal version with plates in the shape of a leaf for example. And to couple the two trends, bet on dishes with autumn patterns like leaves or mushrooms in natural colors.

The final touch of the table decor

To complete the fall table, don't forget to match the table linen (tablecloth, table runner, napkins) with your dishes. Then you can add decorative touches using a few accessories. We will for example bet on autumn leaves as a centerpiece, chestnuts collected in the forest can serve as a place card and we can stage false mushrooms on the entire surface of the table. The ideal? A little wood so that the smell of the forest spreads at the table and real mushrooms served for the meal.