How can I bring my kitchen to life?

How can I bring my kitchen to life?

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Question from Lamia:


Answer: change the color of the doors and bet on colored accessories

Hello Lamia, indeed the general atmosphere of your kitchen is a little dark because of the doors of your cupboards which are very dark. Rather than sticking stickers on it that would not necessarily brighten up the room any more, I advise you to change the color of the doors! There are two possibilities for this: either adhesive paper or paint. Indeed, a touch of light color would be welcome on the bottom and top elements. I recommend an intermediate gray. If you have chosen the paint option, sand the doors well, clean them, apply a primer and then 2 coats of the finish paint (satin or gloss). Do not hesitate to add colored accessories to your work plan to brighten the mood and especially to change the lights if the lighting is also too dark. Also banish the neon lights that blind if you have them! You too, send us your decoration question