The decor of the studio kitchen

The decor of the studio kitchen

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In a studio, the kitchen generally comes down to a kitchenette, i.e. a reduced space in your main room composed of a low element integrating the water point, an electric hob and a refrigerator. To prevent its only view from depressing you, two decorative tips are available to you: either you decide to put it in full light, or you opt for an almost invisible kitchen. We explain how to do it.

Put it forward

You can define your kitchen space using a different color on the walls, but you can also add a strip of kitchen special wallpaper. For the base units, we replace the doors with a decorative fabric or we customize them with stickers. Finally, we add wall shelves to highlight its prettiest plates or accessories. With this in mind, think that everything that cannot be stored in your cupboards should always have a little decorative touch.

Make it invisible

The other option is to hide this kitchen area to better integrate it into your studio. If your kitchenette is recessed in a corner, it can be hidden behind a sliding door. For a more economical solution, you can also use curtains. If the kitchen is not built-in, in this case a separation is created, for example with a bottomless library. Finally, if your studio does not have a kitchen area, opt for an original solution with a cabinet that hides behind its doors a mini kitchen.


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