Video: personalize glass jars with collage of napkins

Video: personalize glass jars with collage of napkins

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There is the special glass jar, the special flour jar or the one dedicated to cookies. What if patterns of these ingredients came to decorate the jars? With the technique of napkin bonding, it is easy to perform and the rendering has the merit of being as original as it is personalized.

Watch the video :

Level: way Completion time : 30 minutes Indicative cost: 20 € Necessary material : 4 glass jars + 4 patterned paper towels + glue varnish

Steps :

- Cut out the patterns of the paper towels by selecting the patterns according to the content of the jars (pasta, candy, chocolates…) - Glue a jar with the glue varnish - Paste a pattern on the jar by ironing the glue glue on it - Proceed with same way to decorate the jar - Decorate the two remaining jars The decor idea: make this creative hobby combining cutting and collage, a fun activity to do with children!


Amandine Dardenne, author of Bonding of towels (Tana editions).


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