Video: customize a lamp base with scoubidous

Video: customize a lamp base with scoubidous

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Difficult to calculate the time spent braiding scoubidous in the school playground! An exercise in which we immerse ourselves the time to customize a lamp base and give it a stylized and childlike touch ... Here is an idea of ​​activity to do with your child, to discover on video!

Watch the video :

Level:way Completion time : 20 minutes Indicative cost: 5 € Necessary material :a table lamp to customize + 4 son of scoubidou + pearls

Steps :

- Tape the 4 scoubidou wires 5 cm from their end to the base of the lamp - Braid a round scoubidou around the base of the lamp - To extend the scoubidou, make one last stitch without tightening it - And slide a black wire under the black wires already braided - Proceed in the same way with a white wire - Tape the 4 short wires along the foot of the lamp - Continue by braiding the new wires on the old ones - Cut the old wires and continue the braiding - Pass a pearl in each of the lower threads - Tie a knot to keep them as close as possible to the foot in order to stabilize the base - Cut off the excess - Same operation for the upper pearls but tie knots 5 cm from the foot, and tie pearls on the upper wires leaving 3 cm of space - Cut off the excess The decor tip: tighten the bottom beads Styling and staging:Amandine Dardenne, author of Scoubidous (Tana éditions)