50 years of James Bond: 007 inspires decoration

50 years of James Bond: 007 inspires decoration

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My name is James, James Bond. Yes, this cult sentence has crossed the decades! And for good reason, the most famous secret agent is blowing out his 50 candles this year. Since the theatrical release of the very first component in 1962, the saga has seen the birth of around twenty cinematographic adaptations that have fueled the myth of 007. Back to a universe marked by action and glamor including the latest film, "Skyfall" , is currently flourishing on cinema screens ...

An exhibition dedicated to London

To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the legendary James Bond, nothing like a dedicated event ... in his homeland! This is precisely the role of the exhibition "designing 007 fiftiy years of Bond Style" set up at the Barbican Center in London. Fans of the agent embodied by both Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan or now Daniel Craig, if you are passing through the capital of our English neighbors, this is worth the detour. On the program: a visit around the costumes, gadgets, decorations and furniture that contributed to the intact success of the character. Everything to take inspiration from the "Bond" class before bringing it home ...

A universe dedicated to elegance in all circumstances

With or without exposure, certain recurring elements of the saga can already interfere in the decor. The black & white style bow tie stitched in the Mister Bond costume is one of the sure values ​​to assert chic and glamor in the house. To this is added a choice of designer and sleek furniture, because the gadgets of agent 007 are always the latest. Finally, so as not to fall into the kitsch of a 100% cinema decor in the living room, we are moving more towards the "wall art gallery" option composed of posters and photos of the muse of the mythical character, framed brilliantly.


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