Philips PerfectCare Aqua steam generator test: What water, what water!

Philips PerfectCare Aqua steam generator test: What water, what water!

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Almost a year ago, I was writing my first test on a steam generator iron: the news: 750509 "Philips PerfectCare". A year later, I come back with a new steam generator: the Philips PerfectCare Aqua. Do not just rely on the name, there are many more things that have changed, especially when I compare with my old article even if its PerfectCare technology (the one that allows ironing without telling the central what type of fabric should be smoothed ) remains the same. I explain everything to you!

The PerfectCare system in theory and in practice

No more adjustments to be made, no need to try to translate the instructions for the item of clothing, you become crazy about ironing by sliding happily from something fragile to something not fragile. It saves us time, we stay focused on the series we watch on TV and in addition, we no longer risk crying in front of one of our clothes melted under an iron that is too hot. OptimalTemp technology is quite enigmatic. Philips talks about a cyclonic steam chamber and an intelligent control processor. In fact, it works since I have no textile losses to deplore. I also save time since I have no additional settings to give to the control unit. I still ask the question of the power of the power plant, especially when it comes to ironing thick fabrics. There are still traces of folds that I cannot eliminate: is it partly because of this system? For technical performance, this plant has rather good references with a pressure of 5 bars maximum, a steam flow rate up to 120 g / min and a steam boost effect of 220 g. We are therefore in the good averages of steam power plants.

Safety in theory and in practice

The PerfectCare Aqua steam generator iron is equipped with a locking system that fixes the iron to the base, for example, while you answer the phone or to transport the steam generator safely to its storage location. In addition to this system, it has an automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of non-use. Just yesterday I put a dishwasher tablet in the washing machine, that is to say, as distracted as I am, I really need an automatic stop so that I don't have to come back to my house to check that I have removed the plug from the control unit. As for the locking system, I am a big fan, especially since my three-year-old son considers the ironing board as a playground. Especially when the power plant is full of water, its stability is put to the test and yet it does not move from a sole. It's heavy !

The Easy-de-Calc system in theory and in practice

It is the anti-lime system from Philips proposed, it seems to me, on all its models of steam generator. It is a button which must be unscrewed and which will collect the lime accumulated in the machine. On the PerfectCare Aqua steam generator iron, you also have an indicator light that tells you when to descale the machine. Childishly simple since you just have to remove the lime from the cap, remember to provide a bucket under your plant at this time because water will also flow. I descaled my machine after a few weeks even if the descaling light did not come on which is still strange because Philips notes in its manual that this light normally starts after a month use or 10 ironings which had been largely exceeded. All this remains a mystery but what is certain is that I do not have the slightest trace of lime on my sole (which is most important in the end).

The SteamGlide sole in theory and in practice

It is the high-end sole from Philips, it is considered to be the most resistant to scratches and has a powerful gliding system. I have no complaints with this sole, it actually slides very well on the fabrics. Its shape prevents unwanted creases and after several months of use, it has remained as new!

Aqua in theory and in practice

You may wonder why this plant is called Aqua, since it is obvious that a steam plant works with water. In fact its name is taken from its fairly large tank capacity since it can store up to 2.2 liters of water. It is possible to refill the central unit during use, but with such a tank, my stack of laundry folds before and so I do not have to go back and forth to refill the machine. As the tank is completely transparent, I control the water level at a glance, so the use is very comfortable.

The test

Not having been converted to steam generators for a long time, I immediately appreciated the lightness of the iron which makes the steam iron look like an old mammoth before. It only weighs a kilo and it immediately makes use much more pleasant. The heating time of the device is 2 minutes which is a bit the basis of steam generators. As mentioned above, there is no longer any need for adjustments, so the buttons are reduced to a minimum. In the end, the only really important button is the one located under the handle: the steam trigger. By remaining pressed on it, we obtain the famous continuous steam effect. On the other hand, if you press it twice quickly, you get the pressing effect. I must be a trigger disabled because it happens that I do not know how to trigger the pressing effect and then anyway, I am not a maniac on that side, so I use it very rarely.
Finally, this absence of thermostat and therefore this tendency not to control the machine means that we completely forget to use buttons. For example, ECO mode, a mode available on the control panel by pressing a button that saves energy, has never served me. It was by consulting the user guide for this test that I came back to my memory, I had completely put it aside. I wonder besides what is the interest of such a mode and if the users really use it. I would like to add a word on the noise from the power plant, which for me is less noisy than the previous one tested. Its use is therefore even more pleasant.

The video test

What about the result?

As for my first test, I am completely convinced by the efficiency of a steam generator compared to a steam iron, it does not make a fold! Since this product has integrated the hearth, the stack of clothes to be ironed is much more often half empty than completely overflowing and that is a great thing! Having never had other steam generators on hand, I am, however, in a bad position to tell you whether this steam generator is better than another, so I leave you to judge according to the elements that I have just brought you. Philips, PerfectCare Aqua steam generator, GC 8630/02, 230 € Product offered by Philips