What color to give with yellow?

What color to give with yellow?

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In winter, we regret the limited presence of the sun in our days. A finding that can be remedied by injecting a dose of yellow into the house. There is only one condition to be respected: mastering your field of action. Because to be unanimous, you still need to be able to match yellow to other colors correctly, hence some crucial recommendations to remember…

Yellow and black: the new chic

We have seen this alliance flourish this summer in fashion, in magazines and finally in the home. In "sunflower" mode, this combination mixing the extreme gay with the extreme dark offers a mega chic look with the particularity of combining a warm and elegant atmosphere. Without a doubt, the yellow and black binomial asserts itself as being the recipe to be prescribed in high doses this year. The right idea? Favor black lacquered furniture to be awakened in yellow with small touches: thanks to a knitted pouffe, a flat on the wall, a carpet or a bouquet… Note that if you are not really trendy "black" in decoration, there just reverse the chic trend by daring a "yellow and white" duo. The result is brighter, and just as refined…

Yellow and blue, yellow and gray: balanced dynamics

More common than yellow and black, the association of yellow with a cold tone helps to rebalance and soften its warmth. A rule which applies in particular to the bright yellows, such as the yellow sun, dandelion, chick… As for the cold shades to be attributed to it, one retains preferably the blue or the gray, both working wonderfully to appease it. Shade tips to remember? Choose an iced blue (mist or igloo), because its exquisite frosty sweetness changes the decor towards the cocooning and tenderness side, or else, slice sharply with yellow thanks to a dark shade like charcoal gray or pepper. Enough to plant a chic industrial zest inside.

Yellow and green: spring mood

If instead of reducing the vitamins "good looks" offered by the yellow, we prefer to highlight them, it is on green that we must set our sights! Infinitely cheerful and dapper, this laughing marriage is reminiscent of the fresh and light style of spring, between sun and greenery. In this configuration, we still favor a more extinct yellow like hay or straw yellow, so as to avoid falling into an unsightly "too much". As for the favorite location of this two-tone prize party, it takes root in the rooms of children and adolescents, enough to meet their constant quest for pep and good humor…

Yellow and orange, yellow and red: to be avoided at all costs

Neighboring colors deemed too close, yellow and orange do not mix well when they are combined. And for good reason, they electrify the decor twice too much: too many cheerful colors kill cheerfulness! As for red, because of its naturally invigorating nature, it too should be avoided in the company of yellow. Besides, it seems that it tends to give it more green reflections than it is! Conclusion: yellow to energize a decor, we say yes, provided that it is the only one to do so.