Name tags to organize my table

Name tags to organize my table

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Indispensable for the table decoration of weddings, baptisms and other major events, the name tags are not only reserved for party atmospheres. Today, any dinner or lunch can be the subject of a special table decoration. We therefore decorate each plate with pretty place cards matching the chosen theme. Small slates, funny or diverted objects, we have put together a small selection for you. Good shopping !

Angels for a romantic table

If for your dinner with friends, you bet on a table decor with a romantic atmosphere, do not neglect the choice of your place cards. Think for example of little white or golden angels to bring a touch of nobility to the table. Placed on a sober tablecloth, they can very well take on the role of the only decorative objects.

Pebbles for a seaside table

Have you fallen in love with a seaside table decoration, but you can't decide on your place cards? Keep it simple, and write the names of your guests on pretty pebbles picked up on the beach during your last vacation. If you do not have any in reserve, do not panic, you will find your happiness at Truffaut or at Home Pro.

Slates for a bistro table

We love the bistro style and invite it in winter and spring on our table decor. Checkered tablecloth, red napkins and name side we obviously go to small slates. It only remains to buy a chalk to write the first name of all your guests.

Candy for a birthday snack

Finally, if you decide to organize a well-ordered birthday snack for your toddlers, know that you will also be able to find your happiness with place cards. Colorful candies, macaroons or funny animals will be responsible for creating a successful children's decor. video id = "0" / Our practical table decoration videos