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How to cover tiles at a lower cost?

How to cover tiles at a lower cost?

Question from Sophie:


Answer: cover the floor with a parquet effect coating and paint the wall tiles

Hello Sophie, you don't like the tiles you have everywhere in your kitchen. To try to give it another style at a lower cost, I advise you to cover the floor with linoleum like light parquet. The laying of this linoleum will be possible if your tiled floor is flat, dry, clean and hard. It will be necessary to apply an adhesion primer beforehand to ensure its good behavior. On the wall, difficult to cover the tiles, I suggest you paint it in the color of your choice and in a rather neutral shade. Before painting the tiles, you will have taken care to clean them, dry them and apply a special bonding primer for tiles that you will easily find in large DIY stores. Next, you will apply two or three coats of acrylic paint finish. You too, send us your decoration question