Do we need a technical room for a spa?

Do we need a technical room for a spa?

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Answer: a technical room is not compulsory for a portable above-ground SPA, but it is essential for a buried or semi-buried PSA.

The installation of a SPA does not necessarily require the construction of a technical room. Indeed, if it is a portable above-ground SPA, the mechanism is completely integrated. But in case you acquire a buried or semi-buried SPA, the technical room becomes essential. This can be done in a garden shed, a room, or a closet if the SPA is located inside the house. The technical room must be 50 meters maximum from the SPA to guarantee its efficiency, as well as a good connection, and be at least 1 square meter. It can contain the filter, the pump, the heating, as well as the material necessary for the proper functioning of your SPA. The size of the technical room therefore depends on what you will store there. You too, send us your brico question