Special old rose patterns for children's rooms

Special old rose patterns for children's rooms

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A soft and tender color par excellence, old rose is perfect for a girl's room. It is found on childish patterns, more girly or downright graphic. To help you, follow our selection of cushions, small furniture and other decorative accessories.

Baby patterns

In the online store Little Fashion Gallery , which is full of good decor ideas for children, we find the brand Lucky Boy Sunday and his plush creations. The old rose is particularly in the spotlight with a small rabbit to hang, crazy, funny and graphic. If you prefer the classic, go to Doudou et Cie with mobiles, musical mats and soft toys.

Girly patterns

Old rose is also associated with girly patterns. So at the icing on the cake , cushions and laundry bags are adorned with liberty or pink peas. The famous rabbit night light signed Egmont Toys is also available in this color.

Design patterns

The design patterns are not afraid to adorn themselves with old rose, for a tender and modern result. The brand Sentou use it a lot, especially on its metal tins from the collection 100drine . It can also be found on a very graphic fabric wall lamp, inspired by Asian parasols.


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