A warm room under Nordic influences

A warm room under Nordic influences

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The word “Hygge” has taken its place in our vocabulary recently but you haven't heard of it yet? It is normal this word comes from the Scandinavian countries, more particularly from Denmark. Being “hygge” is much more than a style, it is a real way of life for the Scandinavians which we will soak up in our interiors, an “art of living” in simplicity, naturalness and comfort and in the bedroom that's what we're looking for, right? A return to basics with raw furniture and materials that warm like furs.

What instructions to follow for a “hygge” room?

If you have already left for Denmark, you know that there is almost no daylight for this country between October and April, this is why the Scandinavians seek to welcome the light as much as possible. So that the light reigns in your room, we advise you to hang curtains on your window. The dominant colors must be clear such as white, ecru or beige. You can add small touches of gray, green, orange or turquoise with candle holders for example to stay in a warm spirit. In very cold weather, we particularly like spending time in a warm room to read or rest ... The room is a kind of cocoon, that's why you have to make it cozy. The goal is to feel like in a chalet where conviviality has its place. Your bedside table, your headboard and your wardrobe will therefore preferably be made of natural wood. To dress your bed, we suggest plaids and cushions in real or fake furs. The presence of carpets is also important: the same materials are recommended. To remember: it is especially important not to charge your interior; the goal is that we can breathe. For small decorative objects, candles will do the trick to stay in the friendly spirit.


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