A decor like in a mansion ...

A decor like in a mansion ...

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Welcome to a Gothic interior! That of the famous Salvatore brothers from the series "The Vampire Diaries". An old house whose decoration resembles that of a haunted manor, the dominant colors on the tapestries, on the floor or even on the curtains are dark like darkness, the furniture is made of wood. To get an interior like this, we advise you to put wooden furniture, preferably dark. For example, a large wooden library with many old or recent books will be perfect: secret passages will be hidden ... You can accompany it with a wooden clock that will sound at each new hour as well as an oak coat rack in your entrance. Be careful, the wood may creak and plunge you further into this dark atmosphere! If you have a room with a fireplace, an iron mirror above it will allow you to see your reflection and have an eye on the other end of the room! This mirror will also enlarge your space if it is not very large. Around a fire, there is nothing better than vintage style sofas in leather or velvet. A small padded bench seat will also be welcome. The chimney fire will not be enough to light your room. It is therefore necessary to hang chandeliers with numerous bulbs. The chandelier is an essential element to create a chiaroscuro atmosphere, associated with carpets and armchairs in black, brown or bloody red color.


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