Video: patterned textiles to customize a screen

Video: patterned textiles to customize a screen

Changing decor with textiles is easy! Today, offers to revamp a screen with patterned fabric. Be careful, the result may blow you away. Video demonstration.

Watch the video :

Level: easy Completion time : 2:30 Indicative cost: 35 € Necessary material : a mottled screen + 3 patterned fabrics

Steps :

- Remove the fabric panels from the screen frame - Paint the frame in lead gray and allow to dry for 2 hours - Meanwhile, place a patterned fabric on a panel - Fold the fabric to the size of the panel and iron it - Attach temporarily the fabric on the panel with needles - Proceed in the same way with the other two patterned fabrics - Sew the fabrics on the panels - Replace the panels on the frame The decor idea: dare to fantasy in the choice of your fabrics! Graphic patterns and flashy colors will favor very chic creations. Creation: Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi