Knitting decoration, the trend to adopt urgently

Knitting decoration, the trend to adopt urgently

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That's it, temperatures begin their predictable plunge. The time may have come for the house to offer itself an array of infinitely soft and warm accessories to face the cold with panache! Our proposal ? A new wardrobe directly inspired by the sweaters that our grandmothers knitted. Because falling under the charm of a traditional decor, high in mesh, is very trendy…

Objective: to warm up the decor

While the month of December and the first frosts are coming up, we are more than ever looking for a cocooning house. A request for which only textiles and materials hold the recipe. Less chic than velvet, more traditional than faux fur, the knitted version of wool resists and preserves its place of choice in the front line battalion. Enveloping the fetish objects of the decor (vases, lampshades, candle jars ...), its small and large meshes give the impression of dressing each of these pieces with a neck warmer, a jacket or a hat. A playful and resolutely cozy setting that capsizes the house on the cocooning side ... for our greatest happiness!

Back to artisanal values

The knitting style could be summed up in a simple cocooning fashion intended to comfort the decor. But this year it is different. And for good reason, the growing importance of the return to tradition, craft values ​​and creative hobbies, including sewing workshops, benefits him in particular. Since the start of the season, this enthusiasm has elevated it to the rank of the main trends to follow during the winter of 2012-2013, whether the "handmade" effect is real or fictitious ... All the more reason to succumb to the knitting code!

Shopping selection

We saved the best for last. A selection of decorative knit accessories that meet our expectations and requirements. At Le Cèdre Rouge, it is with an animal trophy, a pretty deer head entirely knitted that we leave. On the side of the Grand Comptoir, we marvel at the adorable knitted egg cups, which, when not replaced by their predecessors, come to cap our eggs with a very chic hat. If this staging should amuse the toddlers, however, we do not leave the store without offering another rare item: a lampshade decorated with divine knitted twists. The following leads us to the Becquet linen brand, whose Christmas hanging lights plan to decorate the tree with charm and sweetness. We also unanimously melt for its round beanbags like balloons whose knitted appearance accentuates their cozy feel. Remain to steal at Ferm Living, a trio of vases / pencil holders always in knitting and to hang for the wallpaper imitating this technique of sewing signed Koziel. Quickly discover an overview of the knitting trend through the attached slideshow, which lists some of the models mentioned in our shopping selection: