How to decorate a nursery with anise green walls?

How to decorate a nursery with anise green walls?

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Question from Emilie:


Answer: bet on pink

Hello Emilie, the future bedroom of your unborn little girl is essentially lined with anise green wallpaper and the wall with the roof window is brown. To give a little girl's room atmosphere to your room, knowing that your furniture will be white, I advise you to bring the pale pink or fuchsia color in the various decoration accessories (lamps, cushions, baby's bumper, mattress changing, sleeping bag ...). Indeed, if the wallpaper is in good condition, it is not necessary to remove it to repaint. The anise-white-pink combination is perfect and very sweet for the baby. On the other hand, if the wall where the roof window is located is painted brown, I advise you to paint it in white, which will have the effect of lightening the room. You can also provide a linen or pale pink organza blind that will let the day pass and which will reflect a pink light in the bedroom. My advice: leave the walls relatively refined with a frame or two, possibly a wall lamp or a pretty pink sticker so as not to overload the room! You too, send us your decoration question