Children's cooking: kitchen boxes

Children's cooking: kitchen boxes

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It's almost Christmas ! What if we gave our children a kitchen set? I admit, it's an intro zero inspiration, but hey, sometimes, making it simple and short is not worse! So to make it simple (and short), I have selected for you four boxes just out of the press and specially dedicated to children's cooking.

The most equipped

It is the most complete in terms of accessories: you will find a smiley cookie cutter, a spatula, a decoration pen, 4 cake pans and a baking timer. The book contains 30 recipes but also a small culinary lexicon and a space to record your own recipes. There are savory (sweet vegetable wraps) and sweet recipes. To offer if: precisely you no longer have a timer at home! Larousse box, Cooking with children, by Julie Schwob, € 20.99

The most feline

It is still strange for a cat without a mouth to want to cook, but the children will love it. The set contains a rolling pin, a spatula, three cake pans and two cookie cutters, as well as a book of 30 sweet and savory recipes.
To offer if: your children ask for a cat for Christmas, that compensates. Hachette, Hello Kitty: My cookbook, by Hello Kitty (?!), 18 €

The cleverest

Specially dedicated to pastry, this box has the advantage of presenting a large mold as packaging. It also includes 4 stencils, 4 cookie cutters, a wooden spatula and a decorative pen. The recipes are therefore all sweet preparations, however nothing indicates the number of recipes. To offer if: precisely there was no brownie mold at home. Box Hachette, Children's pastry workshop, Collective, € 20.90

The most pro

This set was produced by Elsa and Emmanuelle Condet who have been running cooking workshops for children for two years, which suggests that the recipes are really studied for aspiring cooks. The box contains a bamboo spoon, a dough cutter, a pastry bag and a chef's hat. The book provides 20 step-by-step illustrated recipes, both sweet and savory (cake, ravioli, galettes des rois, etc.). To offer if: you want to try the second degree with your child "Did you see? Santa Claus offered you The workshop of the not wise children, in my opinion he sends you a message" La Martinière box, Children's workshops not wise, by Elsa and Emmanuelle Condet, € 19.99