Top 10 small household appliances to offer

Top 10 small household appliances to offer

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Times are changing and today offering small household appliances at Christmas does not necessarily lead to a dispute over the parity of household chores. Simpler to use and more fun, small household appliances have become objects of desire that we dream of finding under the tree. Here are the top 10 small household appliances that everyone wants to discover in their gifts.

A kitchen machine

Because she knows how to do everything and in addition she is a real decorative object like the Artisan of KitchenAid or the kMix of Kenwood.

A multicooker

Because it prepares for us a complete dish in less than 10 minutes and has several cooking methods to vary the pleasures. Guaranteed success with Simeo Delicook or Moulinex Cookeo.

A heated blender

Because in winter, nothing is more comforting than a good soup and with new models like the Soup Maker from Philips, veloutés will have no more secrets for you.

A pod coffee maker

Because as the holidays approach, the coffee pods change their look and the brands are still offering reimbursement offers during this period. Between the Senseo Twist, the Nespresso U or the latest Lavazza, Favola Cappuccino, we don't know what to choose.

A tea machine

Because tea lovers also have the right to an advanced machine like the Nestlé Special T.

A gasifier machine

Because it allows not to go through the bottle transport box and that at home we avoid the shortage of sparkling water and soda. The new Sodastream Revolution is the gift that will sparkle under the tree.

A waffle iron

Because children all fall for waffles and the new devices offer them in a maxi version (King Size waffle maker from Tefal) or spreads (Tarti'Gaufres from Lagrange).

A raclette machine

Because a winter without a squeegee is a failed winter and with the new transparent squeegees (Ambiance by Tefal), we finally have devices that embellish the table.

A straightener

Because the new generation straightener uses water vapor for a more lasting result and better respect for the hair. The L'Oréal Steampod is breathtaking with its efficiency.

A cleaning brush

Because across the Atlantic, we no longer plan to remove makeup otherwise. The Clarisonic brush and the Visapure brush from Philips will delight the most demanding in terms of beauty.