High-tech gift for all

High-tech gift for all

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You don't have to be a geek to appreciate high-tech gifts. The connected world has seduced everyone, from the smallest to the oldest, and the whole family is getting involved. Here is a selection of high-tech objects to offer at Christmas to see life in 2.0.

The smartphone

No, the smartphone is not only used for telephoning: it allows you to photograph, film, go to your favorite social networks and play. In Santa's hood, we see Galaxy S3, iPhones 5 and Nokia Lumia in spades.

The tablet

Symbol of the nomadic connection, the tablet has entered our homes and pleased the whole family. Thanks to her, we consult her favorite sites, we read her favorite magazines and the youngest have fun with educational and fun applications. Among the new features, the iPad mini is expected to be a great success for the older ones and the Leappad for the younger ones.

3D television

Television makes its cinema and with 3D technology, watching a film becomes a great moment of spectacle shared by the whole family. Among the most anticipated flat screens at Christmas, we can mention the Samsung UE32ES6300 or the Panasonic TX-P50ST50.

The game console

It is no longer reserved for teens and allows you to gather all generations around a game to have a good time. For this Christmas 2012, the most awaited game console is undoubtedly the new Nintendo Wii U which is used with a touch controller. The accessories that make the console even more user-friendly will also be hoped for like the Kinect for the Xbox 360.