A unique comforter made from old linen

A unique comforter made from old linen

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Do you want a unique and original cuddly toy for your children that recalls the cuddly toys your grandparents had? We have found for you Alphonse, the latest comforter on sale on the site www.lestoilesblanches.com. Alphonse is an endearing rabbit, handmade in an old cloth that has been recycled! Your child's comforter will be unique, with flowers, checkered or striped! It is up to your child to choose the one that best suits him. The fact that it is inspired by the stuffed animals our grandparents had made it even more touching. No more question of offering a comforter without history now that we can offer ourselves a model that combines tradition and modernity while respecting an eco-responsible approach. The most of your child's new companion? It is easy to wash since it is a cloth that has a second life! It is known, children tend to leave their comforter lying around everywhere and to get it dirty and it can easily take a quick walk in the washing machine! Maintenance will therefore be an added advantage. And to complete the nursery, the brand Les Toiles Blanches also offers a whole range that will delight nostalgics: beautiful old bed linen, accessories such as bibs, garlands or pouches, rag dolls and their clothes but also a secondhand market to find the most beautiful objects of yesteryear. Count 68 euros for a recycled comforter. > More info on www.lestoilesblanches.com or at 19 rue Duperré 75009 Paris


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