Mistakes to Avoid to Prevent Fire

Mistakes to Avoid to Prevent Fire

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Household fires can be truly dangerous, as smoke poisoning can be very rapid. However, these fires are often declared only for lack of vigilance. Some gestures that seem harmless, an oversight that is assumed to have no consequence, a lack of rigor in the maintenance of the house and it is the catastrophe that we would never have imagined. To avoid and prevent a house fire, there are certain things you should not do…

Do not overload your electrical outlets and check your installation regularly.

First safety instruction to be respected to prevent domestic fires: have an electrical installation in compliance with standards. Outdated electrical circuits are to be banned! Bare, poorly insulated wires can create short circuits which will cause sparks, which themselves may start a fire. Likewise if you overload your electrical outlets with too many household appliances, you risk triggering an overheating problem ... Sparks and fire quickly arrive.

Do not neglect the maintenance of flues

The sweeping of smoke pipes, whether those of your chimney or your boiler, it is above all for your safety and it is compulsory. Moreover, in the event of a fire, your insurer will ask you for a certificate which will prove that you have had this interview done by a professional. So don't take unnecessary risks!

Do not leave burning candles unattended…

A candle too close to a flammable object (curtains, table runner ...) and it's drama, that's why you should never leave a burning candle unattended. If you have to be away for just 5 minutes or if you want to take a nap, put out the candles. It is a simple gesture that will save you a lot of worry.

… Nor the matches at hand for your children!

Fire is often something that fascinates them and they are often not aware of the danger it represents. This is why it is better that your children do not play with matches, lighters or any other object which produces flames. Put these objects in a secure place, or unattainable for little hands!

Do not relax when you have a pan on the fire

Oil on the fire and everything ignites! The kitchen is of course a place at high risk in terms of fire, which is why it is better not to relax too much. So avoid doing 3 things at the same time as you are cooking (which would mean that you leave a pan on the fire unattended). Also be sure to clean your hood filters, as grease from a poorly maintained hood can easily spread a fire.

Do not throw away your cigarette butts until they are completely out

Last mistake to avoid for smokers if you want to diligently prevent fires: check that you have correctly and completely extinguished your cigarette before throwing it in the trash. The oversights of smokers on this subject are indeed sources of household fires. As a precaution, also avoid smoking in your bed or lying on the sofa, the risk of falling asleep with a lit cigarette in your hand is far too great!