When Muji rhymes design and simplicity…

When Muji rhymes design and simplicity…

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The famous Japanese brand has been ahead of the trends for 20 years by offering a minimalist and timeless catalog. Collections for the home and everyday life which seduce the followers of the "no-logo" and accompany us day after day. From tableware to furniture or storage accessories, Muji remains faithful to its original philosophy and invites us into a sober and refined world, but always practical. The latest addition to the Japanese brand, the Muji-to-go concept store concentrates all the essentials for travel and confirms the dynamics of the company, which is constantly renewing itself and staying close to the concerns of the working population. today!

A return to basics

The Muji brand - short for Japanese "Mujirushi Ryohin" which means "unbranded quality products" - was born in Japan in 1980. Very quickly, it was recognized worldwide as a producer of quality, affordable, functional items and relevant to the needs of current urban life. By offering a sober and minimal alternative to the dominant mode of consumption which favors brands and logos, Muji immediately stood out from its competitors. Neutral colors, sleek and functional design, removal of any superfluous decoration or packaging… The Japanese brand displays a style recognizable among a thousand: a bias greatly appreciated by consumers who immediately found themselves in an affordable and affordable "Lifestyle" atmosphere casual.

A strong identity

The value of Muji products lies in the object itself, not in the name of its designer: there is indeed never an apparent brand on a Muji product. The Japanese brand, which has praised minimalism since its creation, has always bet on good value for money above all. The first French store was inaugurated in 1998 in Paris. Faced with its success, Muji quickly decided to open new points of sale and set up a dedicated e-shop. In the meantime, many products have become bestsellers such as the wall-mounted CD player, Pulp shelves or stackable polypropylene storage boxes.

An invitation to travel

Continuing on its great streak, Muji inaugurated its first Muji-to-Go concept store at the Paris Saint Lazare station: an ingenious place where all the items specifically meeting the needs of the traveler can be concentrated. There are thus ranges of products essential for travel: suitcases, bags, pouches, toilet bags, inflatable masks and pillows for the plane, compressed t-shirts but also a foldable hairdryer, a sewing kit, a selection stationery… A very broad offer of intelligent products linked to the concept of mobility, declined in the continuity of the Muji spirit: quality, functionality and sobriety.


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