What colors should be given when the kitchen is open to the living room?

What colors should be given when the kitchen is open to the living room?

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The kitchen is a space of conviviality and sharing. When this room opens onto the living room, you can choose colors that match or break with the living room. The choice of colors in an open kitchen gives the possibility of creating a natural extension with the living room or a separation between the two living spaces.

Create harmony between the open kitchen and the living room

A kitchen open to the living room frees up space and facilitates circulation. It is also an opportunity to establish a real harmony between the two rooms. If you want to discreetly integrate the kitchen into the living room, choose colors that will harmonize perfectly with the decoration of your living room. The kitchen can enter the sweetness of the living room by dressing in natural tones such as beige, chocolate, taupe or white. These colors will create a continuity between the peaceful space of the living room and the discretion of a warm kitchen. For a total pop and colorful look, imagine a kitchen with flashy colors like red, orange, yellow or green. Match these colors with the living room by choosing colors that are just as bright for furniture, textiles and decorative items. For a bright and designer open kitchen, opt for white. This color is ideally balanced with a modern and refined living room. The living room and the kitchen become a unique space that combines both integration and harmony.

Separate the open kitchen from the living room by color

When the kitchen mixes with the living room, it is essential to arrange an open-plan space that inspires creativity and elegance. To create a clearly identified space in an open kitchen, adopt tones that contrast with the living room. A lively and colorful kitchen must take on sparkling and dynamic colors such as purple, eggplant, green, orange, red or yellow. The coatings in the kitchen are also imagined in color. Furniture, paint or tiles, each element of the kitchen is distinguished by color. The kitchen becomes a colorful place where creativity and conviviality reign. It can be a break with a living room with natural colors. In contrast to the living room, it stands out with its lively tones. Open-plan, the kitchen separates from the living room in flashy and trendy colors. Thus, you can make two separate pieces in the same set without resorting to partitioning. Choose a different and daring decoration in the two spaces to delimit the rooms. Each space thus develops its own personality and its own visual identity.