The Woodmood chair, from 3D format to extra flat

The Woodmood chair, from 3D format to extra flat

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Last born in the saga of space saving furniture? The Woodmood chair! On sale at SoDezign, it becomes an extra flat board when folded. The storage dream when looking to optimize your square meters. Presentation.

3D or extra flat

Imagine a chair whose seat, when folded, forms an extra flat set with the uprights of the backrest and legs. In short, a solid plank of birch plywood 2.5 cm thick, resistant, which fits absolutely everywhere! At the origin of this ingenious and minimalist idea: Mathieu Camillieri, designer and artistic director of "Woodmood, creative carpentry". If his credo comes down to practicality above all, we succumb just as much to the very decorative aesthetic of his seat…

Practical, but also resolutely decorative

Physically, the Woodmood chair is available in four colors: natural wood, orange, black and gray, which cover the front only, the back having been intentionally left pure, wood color. A two-tone attitude, very trendy and in perfect harmony with our design desires "nature but not too much". You understood, this chair was designed, of course, to simplify our lives, but also to be decorative in all circumstances, whether open or folded! So such a beautiful object should not always be necessary to put it away. We can indeed hang it or simply lean it against a wall, making sure to inject the atmosphere, a sacred design touch ... The Woodmood chair, exclusively at SoDezign at the target price: € 160.