The apartment of Carrie and Big in Sex and the city 2

The apartment of Carrie and Big in Sex and the city 2

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The month of January 2013 breathes new life into Sex and the City since we can now see the youth of the famous Carrie Bradshaw on our screens. This is an opportunity for us to return to the apartment she occupies in the last film with the love of her life Mister Big.

A living room for two

Now Carrie no longer lives alone! And the decoration of his apartment must also suit the famous Mister Big. The apartment is no longer dedicated to clothes that hang everywhere but the decoration is more classic and "adult". The living room is very neat and chic with beautiful pieces such as a very trendy blue sofa, a table with Scandinavian design and simple and elegant armchairs. The atmosphere is very warm thanks to materials that combine a shiny finish and a velvety touch. The emphasis is on comfort with cushions that are multiplied on the sofa and a carpet that covers the living room floor.

A living room with character

If Carrie's apartment is wiser and more thoughtful today than in the past, it remains a reflection of Carrie's brilliant personality. Thus, the walls are adorned with an elegant backdrop in taupe tones to highlight stronger colors. The blue sofa is the centerpiece of the furniture and it does not fail to be highlighted by a monumental yellow canvas that settles on the wall of the latter. The rug and its floral patterns add a touch of femininity to the room. Suffice to say that Carrie has a sense of accessories, even in the house!