Does a designer armchair exist?

Does a designer armchair exist?

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Are you looking for an armchair for your living room at the cutting edge of design and don't know which model to turn to? Suffice to say that the traditional solid leather armchair will not be suitable, so we put on the revisited armchair! Explanations.

The plastic version of the Chesterfield armchair

The idea is to offer you a model that retains its function but that breaks the traditional codes of the armchair! So when the designers go after the chesterfield armchair to make it a plastic model, the result is original and at the cutting edge of design.

The convertible in sleek mode

Similarly, designers do not hesitate to divert older armchairs like the convertible armchair. It then becomes very refined with a backrest and a base which no longer form a single rounded piece in which a seat is inserted. We appreciate it for its chic and simple lines that will be perfect in your design living room.

Armchairs that break codes

If you want a more daring armchair, you will bet on an original rounded or futuristic model perched, most often, on a metal base. This type of armchair is freely inspired by the famous Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio. The armchair will then play a role of design sculpture in your living room.

Retro design

Finally, also know that your design interior will accommodate some retro design pieces with sleek armchairs fitted with a wooden base. Recalling today the Scandinavian aesthetic, they play the card of a warm design. In heathered version or in reissued model, this type of armchair will have its small effect in your room.